His Rear Two Legs are Paralyzed, But The Owner of This Dog Refused To Give Up on Him!

For Craig Mosher his pit bull Loois is not just his best friend, he is his family, and he loves him very much. He showed just how much his dog means to him when after a spinal surgery that unintentionally left his rear two legs paralyzed, Craig refused to give up on him.

Since that misfortune, Loois has to walk with the help of a special belt that elevates the dog’s hind legs off the ground, and his owner. Craig is so devoted to his best pall, it is just incredible how much attention he pays to the dog. They are exercising his back legs every day, and with the help of another device they even play fetch. Craig did a truly wonderful thing when he kept Loois, and he is a perfect example of dedication and unconditional love.

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