Cameras Catch Bus Driver Leave His Bus Behind. When I Saw Why, I Applauded. True Hero!

A bus driver was going about his route when he noticed something strange: a woman about to jump off of a bridge. What he does next is truly miraculous, he is just like an angel!

Imagine this… you’re driving to work and all of a sudden, the bus in front of you stops in the middle of a bridge for no apparent reason. Then you look closer and there a woman about to jump from the bridge… while the bus driver is attempting to save her.

You don’t have to wear a cape to be a hero.

Darnell Barton is just a regular bus driver in Buffalo, New York, not that different from any random guy you see on the street, but for one woman he became much more than that… he became her savior. As he was driving his regular route he saw a woman standing on a narrow ledge outside the overpass railing. Dozens of people were driving pass her as if she was invisible, but Darnell made sure she knew she wasn’t.

An incredible story about how little it takes to change someone’s life forever. Watch.

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