A Waiter Refused to Serve Customer Who Insulted Down syndrome Boy, And Was Hailed as a Hero!

A waiter named Michael Garcia was hailed as a hero, after he refused to serve customer who insulted Down syndrome boy. He stood up for the little boy and his brave action was recognized by many people giving him support.

Everything happened at the restaurant in Houston, TX called Laurenzo’s. Milo, a five year old boy with  Down syndrome was there, but the family who was sitting next to his table complained about the sound the boy was making, and asked to be seated somewhere else. Michael gave them another table, but the father of that family continued with the rude behavior claiming that the special needs children need to be special somewhere else. At that point Garcia felt that he needs to stand up and protect the child`s rights, he refused to serve them, after which they left the restaurant.

What do you think about the waiter`s act, did he make the right decision?

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